'True Blood' actor lands another film role

Busy Grant Bowler joins 'Atlas Shrugged'

"True Blood" actor Grant Bowler has snagged his third feature role in as many weeks.

Bowler will portray steel magnate Henry Reardon in the Paul Johansson-helmed "Atlas Shrugged," based on Ayn Rand's literary classic. He previously picked up parts in the action feature "The Killer Elite" and indie drama "The City of Gardens."

In "Atlas," Reardon is a demanding industrialist who becomes conflicted when sparks fly with protagonist Dagny Taggart. The film began shooting in L.A. this week.

Repped by Don Buchwald & Associates, Sue Barnett in Australia and Untitled Entertainment, Bowler has had regular roles on ABC's "Ugly Betty" and "Lost." He also plays biker-turned-werewolf Cooter on HBO's "True Blood."
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