Donald Trump to Appear on '60 Minutes' (Report)

60 MINUTES  Interview - Trump Family - H - 2016
Chris Albert for CBSNews/60MINUTES

The president's taped interview with Lesley Stahl will air this Sunday.

President Donald Trump will make his first appearance on CBS's 60 Minutes this Sunday. 

CNN's Reliable Sources reports that Trump taped an interview with Lesley Stahl on Thursday at the White House to air Sunday. No details were provided on what was discussed. 

Trump's last appearance on the venerable news program came in November 2016, days after winning the election. Stahl interviewed then President-elect Trump and his family at his penthouse home in Trump Tower. 

The 60 Minutes interview comes as the president gears up for the midterm elections. As well as a busy schedule of political rallies, on Wednesday, Trump published a controversial op-ed in USA Today that stepped up attacks on Democrats over health care. The president has also done three interviews with Fox News since last weekend.