Trump Appearance at UFC Championship Event Draws Heckles From Arena Crowd

Donald Trump -Serious 1- June 04, 2019 - Getty -H 2019
Samir Hussein/WireImage

As the president entered Madison Square Garden on Saturday, he was booed by a considerable proportion of the crowd.

Following the news earlier this week that the Democrats pushed an impeachment package through a divided house of Representatives, the appearance of President Donald Trump out and about in New York City caused quite a stir.

As Trump entered Madison Square Garden on Saturday for the UFC 244 event, it appeared that he was booed by a considerable proportion of the crowd inside the venue. Many guests at the event took to social media to share their experience. "The President is here and the boos are deafening," wrote one user. 

In video footage captured on social media, the boos can be heard among the crowd, as some people waved their arms and took pictures. According to the White House public pool report, Trump pumped his fist while waiting for the main fight and waved to attendees, the latter of which again provoked a mixed reaction from the crowd. 

Trump himself weighed in on his appearance in tweets sent Saturday night and Sunday morning:

He also retweeted pro MMA fighter Tara LaRosa, who wrote that Trump received a "positive reaction from the crowd":

This activity comes just a week after Trump was booed by baseball fans at Game 5 of the World Series. Attendees at the game also shouted chants including "Lock him up!" and held banners emblazoned with the words, "Impeach Trump."