Oscars Roundtable Parody Video Shows Trump Biopic Being Discussed in 2025 (Exclusive)

Courtesy of AlbertoBelli/YouTube

"It was hell having to treat women as equal," says the star of the film in a play on THR's Roundtable series.

A new parody video portrays the cast and crew of a future Trump biopic, called Trap, discussing the film during an Oscars roundtable.

Set in February of 2025, Trap has received a record-breaking 18 Oscar nominations and the cast and crew are shown discussing the process of bringing the film to light in a feature called The Hollywood Roundtable — a spoof on THR's Roundtables.

In the video, the star of the film, played by David Paetkau, is featured discussing how Trump mocked him on Twitter and saying he put lemon drops in his eyes and mouth to help him get into character. The Latina writer-director, played by Yareli Arizmendi, shared how she was inspired by Meryl Streep's 2017 awards speech to write the film. The producer (Christina Nelson) explained that she just hired the best people for the job and ended up with an all-female crew, which the lead actor said was difficult for him since he was a method actor.

"It was hell having to treat women as equal and not just pussies that I can grab and again, I'm sorry, but it was just part of being in that disturbed mindset that I'm so relieved I don't have to be in anymore," Paetkau said.

The makeup artist (Fiona Rene) for the fictional biopic said that getting Trump's hair right was tough, but luckily, the wig fell onto the ground and a grip truck ran over it. "That's what created the iconic look," she said. Jim Henson's puppeteers were hired to "totally nail" Trump's tiny hand movements. The production designer said she was overwhelmed by the amount of gold needed for the set.

At the end of the clip, the film composer, played by Ana Marte, said she had a hard time with scoring the film, particularly between "the Muslim camps, his not so-secret alliance with the Russians or the ultimate nuclear war itself." A red alarm light comes on with blaring sirens, and the cast and crew put on gas masks as the roundtable comes to a close.

Alberto Belli wrote and directed the parody. He is known for creating viral videos such as the Anne Hathaway "For Your Consideration" video and what Girls would look like if directed by Michael Bay.