Trump Blasts Michael Bloomberg, Says Impeachment Trial Has Taken Toll on His Family

Sean Hannity - donald Trump - Getty - Split - H 2020
Taylor Hill/WireImage; NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images

The president sat for a taped interview at the White House with Sean Hannity ahead of the Super Bowl, part of an annual tradition for the network that hosts the game.

Fox News host Sean Hannity interviewed President Donald Trump seven times in 2019. His first interview with the president in 2020 was a special one, as Hannity was picked for the sit-down that is granted every year to the network that airs the Super Bowl.

The pre-taped interview, which aired during the pregame show on Sunday afternoon, was conducted at the White House. The rest of the interview will air during Hannity's Monday night show.

Though the campaign race is underway with much focus on Iowa and its caucuses, Trump was quick to criticize the  Democratic candidates, in particular Michael Bloomberg — who, along with Trump, is running ads during Sunday night's game — during his interview with Hannity. 

Trump accused Bloomberg of making a special request for a box to stand on if he qualifies for future presidential debates. 

"Why he should he get a box to stand on?" Trump asked. "Why should he be entitled to that, really? Then does that mean everyone else gets a box?" The president also emphasized that he thinks Bloomberg being able to get whatever he wants makes it "very unfair for the Democrats." He did, however, say that he would "love to run against Bloomberg." 

Playing a lighting round in which he said the first thing that came to mind when given a name, Trump described Joe Biden as "sleepy," Bernie Sanders as "communist" (Trump also acknowledged that the Democrats seem to be "rigging" the election against Sanders) and Elizabeth Warren as "fairy tale" ("This woman can't tell the truth," he added).

When asked for his first thoughts of Hillary Clinton, the president said he could only think of emails: "How she got away with that is a disgrace," he said. As for Nancy Pelosi, Trump described the Speaker of the House as a "confused and nervous woman." "I don't think she's going to be there too long, either. I think the radical left is going to take over," he added. 

Throughout the interview, the president touched on a myriad of topics, including how the Mueller Report, talks of Russia and the impeachment trial have taken a toll on his family. "It was all nonsense, but it was very unfair mostly for my family. My family suffered because of all of this ... it should never happen to another president," Trump said. 

Hannity asked whether Trump could envision himself able to work with Sen. Chuck Schumer and Pelosi if he is re-elected. The president said that though he would like to, it's "pretty hard. I'm not sure that they can do it. I think they just want to win and it doesn't matter how they win." Trump also reiterated that the "fake news" doesn't make things easier because [the media] never want to "report the good stuff," such as the economy being in good shape. "There's a positive revolution going on in this country," he explained. 

Trump also briefly discussed the Coronavirus, which he says the government has "shut it down coming in from China." "We can't have thousands of people coming in who may have this problem," he said. 

Despite enduring the impeachment trial, the president said he will continue to carry on with the State of the Union and discuss "the achievements that we've made." 

The latest interview with Trump comes after last year's sit-down in which he was interviewed by CBS' Face the Nation moderator Margaret Brennan. While diplomatic in tone, the interview didn't make much news.