Stephen Colbert Takes a Call From Donald Trump on 'Late Show'

Stephen Colbert answering The Trump Phone.

For the first time on his CBS show, Colbert conducts a phone interview, via The Trump Phone, to ask the GOP frontrunner about his "potty mouth" and how he would handle the Supreme Court nomination delay.

Stephen Colbert asked Donald Trump a string of questions when the GOP presidential candidate called into The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Tuesday night.

For his first-ever phone interview on the CBS show, Colbert rolled out The Trump Phone — an orange rotary-style phone paired with a blonde wig.

While most of Colbert's questions for Trump were lighthearted — he opened the chat by asking, "What are you wearing Donald?" — Colbert did ask Trump how he would handle the current Supreme Court nomination delay if he were in President Barack Obama's shoes.

"If it was the last year of your presidency and you had a vacancy to fill in the Supreme Court, would you allow the Senate to tell you not to do it?" asked Colbert, referring to how he would handle filling the seat of the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who died on Saturday.

Trump's answer was a surprise to the host.

"Well the Senate certainly has the right to do that," said Trump, who was phoning in from South Carolina, the site of the next primary on Saturday. "I would certainly, if I were president, I guess I'd put in a name, but the Senate really does, especially for this fairly short period of time, they have the right not to do it, not to vote on it, not to approve it."

To which Colbert replied, "So you would let someone tell you what to do? This is sounding less like Donald Trump."

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama said the Republican-led Senate has no constitutional grounds to refuse to vote on a nominee, while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said Obama should leave the choice up to the next president.

"Look, if I were the president I'd be pushing," Trump continued. "But the Senate does have a lot of power over that. They have a pretty daunting right. So it should not happen. Whoever the next president is should be the one that picks the next Supreme Court Justice."

The rest of the conversation between Trump and Colbert centered around Trump's "potty mouth."

"I can think off the top of my head three things that you have said on air that," started Colbert, "CBS will not let me repeat or they would have to bleep them. How are you going to stop?"

Trump said, "Once I decided to run for office I sort of said, well we'll have to stop—"

"But you didn't stop!" interrupted Colbert.

To which Trump responded, "These are very minor words. And in many cases I actually bleep them out myself."

Colbert then suggested Trump get a swear jar and put "a billion" dollars into it every time he says a bad word, which got cheers from the audience and a laugh from Trump.

Watch a clip below.