Trump Campaign Criticizes Hollywood in New Fundraising Email

Getty Images

The fundraising missive also hit lobbyists, corporations and "grandstanding politicians."

Bashing the "mainstream media" and the Hollywood stars who largely voted for Hillary Clinton in November has been a familiar attack line for Donald Trump, and his re-election campaign returned to this well-worn territory for a new fundraising pitch blasted out Monday.

"The fake news keeps saying, 'President Trump is isolated,'" the email, titled "ISOLATED?" reads. "They say I'm isolated by lobbyists, corporations, grandstanding politicians, and Hollywood. GOOD! I don't want them. All I ever want is the support and love from the AMERICAN PEOPLE who've been betrayed by a weak and self-serving political class."

The pitch ended by telling potential contributors: "Look - Hollywood and the media are going to hate us no matter what we say or do. Their goal is to take us down. My goal is to bring all Americans up!"

The Trump campaign said "the media" will be looking closely at the amount raised during the Federal Election Commission reporting period "to see if the American people have walked away from our movement."

The campaign made reference to an "FEC-mandated end-of-month deadline," even though the campaign only reports contributions on a quarterly basis.

Donna Bojarsky, the founder of the Future of Cities conference and a longtime connector between Hollywood and national Democratic politics, said the creative class has never been more activated than during the first few months of the Trump presidency. 

"The activism level has never been higher, and it's not just fundraising," she told The Hollywood Reporter in a recent conversation.