Trump Campaign Accused of Darkening Model's Skin Color

Trump_Apparel_Twitter - H 2016

Trump_Apparel_Twitter - H 2016

Photoshopping race is never a good look.

There's something a little off about a woman modeling a Donald Trump t-shirt on the presidential candidate's campaign website.

Eric Ming, the digital director of Senate hopeful Donna Edwards' campaign, tweeted an image showing what appears to be a very poor Photoshop job of a white model altered to appear black or possibly Hispanic.

Ming dug up the wholesale website where the shirts were initially manufactured (JCG Apparel) and found the same gray v-neck which the campaign slaps their slogan on. The model in both photos appears to be the same — save for the heavily altered skin color. Raw Story also placed both photos on top of one another, and found that the collar bones align.

The campaign has not addressed the issue publicly, but they have removed the darkened image from the site. Trump's camp did not respond to a request for comment. 

First the model was reverted back to her original color, but she has since been replaced by an entirely new model (also white, also poorly Photoshopped). Either way, none of it is a good look for the candidate accused of racism.

ROUND THREE: The current model on Trump's campaign website after two previous alterations. (Photo: