Trump Doc's UK Bow Sparks War of Words

Donald Trump
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

NBC execs pushed Donald Trump to break the news that he would not be running for president -- and would stay put as the bombastic boardroom honcho on "The Celebrity Apprentice" -- at the network's upfront presentation May 16 at the New York Hilton. 

Donald Trump’s UK arm brands "You’ve Been Trumped" director Anthony Baxter a “fraud," and the filmmaker fires back "The Apprentice" mogul also called President Barrack Obama a fraud.

TORONTO – The British premiere of a film about Donald Trump turning Scottish wilderness into golf fairways has turned into a mud-slinging match.

You’ve Been Trumped, by Scottish filmmaker Anthony Baxter, followed up a Canadian world premiere with a UK bow at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival that drew a scornful statement from the Trump Organisation UK.

“Anthony… Baxter has no credibility and from what we have seen the film has been widely regarded as a failure,” Trump’s UK arm said.

“We deal with national and international reporters and film-makers on a regular basis who handle themselves with professionalism and integrity. Baxter has neither attributes – he is a fraud and this film is a poor attempt at making money off the Trump name,” the company added.

Baxter fired back that Trump also called U.S. president Barrack Obama a fraud, only to face significant blowback.

“Trump is accusing me of being a fraud, that that's exactly what he accused Barack Obama of being over the birther issue and we all know what happened there,” the Scottish director said.

Paul Holleran, head of the National Union of Journalists in Scotland, on Friday accused Scottish police of doing Trump’s bidding in arresting Baxter and seizing his camera equipment when he was making his documentary.

“The film raises some essential questions that should be directed towards the Trump organisation, the Scottish government and Grampain Police,” Holleran said in a letter to the Sunday Herald newspaper in Scotland.

You've Been Trumped portrays Trump bullying Scottish homeowners to build a luxury golf course.

The documentary is next headed to a Scottish premiere on June 17 at the Aberdeen Belmont Picturehouse, where local residents that protested Trump’s luxury golf development will get a chance to see the film.

You’ve Got Trumped will then screen at Manhattan’s IFC Centre where it will feature as part of the Stranger Than Fiction series on July 7.