Trump Faces Off Against Fallon's Impression of Him, Jokes Gary Busey for Supreme Court, Kanye West for VP

Jimmy Fallon and Donald Trump on 'The Tonight Show' - H 2015
Doug Gorenstein/NBC

The host, doing his best Donald Trump impression and dressed as the real-estate mogul, traded quips with the real Trump in a sketch that preceded the presidential candidate's 'Tonight Show' interview.

In a sketch on Friday's Tonight Show, Donald Trump showed he can take some jokes about his appearance, vague campaign promises and verbal tics, like his pronunciation of "huge."

The real-estate mogul and Republican hopeful faced off with Jimmy Fallon's impression of him in a mirror sketch similar to the one Fallon did with former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

In what was said to be Trump's dressing room, Fallon, impersonating Trump, traded quips with the real Trump as they looked at each other through a vanity mirror set-up.

After they exchanged compliments like "we look fantastic," Fallon's Trump insisted that they should interview each other.

"Fallon's a lightweight," the host said, imitating Trump. "No way he deserves to interview me. The only one qualified to interview me is me."

"Me interviewing me," Trump said. "That's what I call a great idea."

Fallon's Trump: "Of course it's a great idea — we thought of it."

Fallon's Trump then posed a few questions about Trump's campaign promises. The candidate provided vague answers like "I'm just gonna do it" and "I'm really rich…I know how to run a business and I know the country's going to be well off with me" when asked how he would help the economy.

The real Trump, however, deferred on the question of how he would build his wall between the U.S. and Mexico, telling Fallon's impression of him, "Since I'm you, why don't you tell me."

Fallon as Trump joked: "I'll challenge them to biggest game of Jenga. I'll make them set up the board, and then when they finish, I'll say, 'I don't want to play anymore.'"

Fallon later quipped of Trump's (his) appearance, "I'm like a Greek god that just took a bath in a pumpkin spice latte."

The host also asked the Republican front-runner who his vice-presidential candidate would be if he wins the nomination. Specifically, would he pick Gary Busey for the job?

"I love Gary — he's fantastic — but more of a Supreme Court justice, in my opinion," Trump said. "Vice president's a very serious position. I'd say maybe Kanye West."

In closing, Fallon as Trump said, "All right, guess it's time to talk to that dopey goofball Jimmy Fallon and give him the biggest ratings his pathetic show has ever seen."

Trump said the sit-down would be "classy," but Fallon, taking one of several opportunities to mock Trump's pronunciation of "huge," insisted the interview would be "yooooge," with Trump joining him on that one.

Check back later to see what Trump and Fallon talked about during their sit-down.

Fallon (left) and Trump