Trump Has Spent $1.75 Million On Furniture for the White House

Getty Images

Including $7,000 for "funiture pedestals."

Donald Trump has consistently denied that he once called the White House "a real dump," tweeting that the presidential residence is actually "one of the most beautiful buildings (homes) that I have ever seen." But that doesn't mean he didn't want to give the storied abode his own gilded polish.

According to government records obtained by NBC, the president's administration is spending $1.75 million on new furniture in the White House and the offices tied to it. Expenses include custom rugs (totaling $17,000), a custom conference room table ($12,800) and "furniture pedestals" ($7,000) — whatever those are. 

In case you're wondering, "is that normal?" the answer is, "er, kind of." During a similar time period while in his first term in office, President Obama spent $1.5 million redecorating, and reportedly paid for some of the updates out of his own pocket. A White House spokesperson did not clarify if Trump had done the same.

However, it should be noted that many of the updates are not for the residential quarters alone; some of the expenses were for offices outside the White House that house thousands of employees but still technically fall under the Executive Office of the President.

Earlier this year, Trump spent two weeks at his resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, while the White House underwent regular renovations and updates. It was during this time that many of the larger contracts were signed, according to NBC's report. Some of the most visible renovations include those in the Oval Office, where Trump added a subtly printed cream wallpaper, a new rug and couches.