Trump, Hollywood React as Macron Wins French Election

Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images
Emmanuel Macron

The centrist candidate becomes president of France, comfortably fending off the challenge of right-wing politician Marine Le Pen.

In the end, the French election wasn't even close as Emmanuel Macron became France's youngest-ever president with a crushing 31-point victory over insurgent (and Donald Trump-endorsed) right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen. 

Macron's final popular vote tally of 65.5 percent was a landslide and social media reacted to his win in a mixture of elation, relief and confusion as to why people were worried he might lose out to Le Pen in the first place. 

President Trump was among the first to congratulate Macron on his easy victory, tweeting that he was looking forward to working with the new French leader. Trump's congratulations to Macron were at odds with his previous public support of Le Pen during a fraught campaign; indeed, the U.S. president drew parallels between his own outsider campaign and the rise of the Front National during this French election cycle. Former President Barack Obama backed Macron for Sunday's second round. 

Hillary Clinton tweeted that Macron's victory was a triumph for France, the EU and the world, a pointed reference to Le Pen's nationalist and anti-EU platform. Clinton also said it was a defeat for Russian attempts to interfere in another election after Friday's hacked email dump designed to smear Macron. Clinton slyly had a dig at the American media for referencing the Russia hacking, which she believes was a key factor in her loss to Trump in November. 

In France, many celebs who had supported Macron on social media earlier in the week, such as Dany Boon and Florence Foresti, remained quiet after the victory. Some industry heavyweights weighed in with retweets and comments, with Le Pacte head Jean Labadie and Wild Bunch head Vincent Maraval retweeting congratulations from various figures such as Bill Clinton and Jeremy Corbyn, but making extended political points about Macron's policies. Labadie said he hopes the comparisons to John F. Kennedy end at Macron's youth because "we don't need the Bay of Pigs or acceleration of war in Vietnam," while Marval joked that current president Francois Hollande "has been reelected" and reminded voters to "think of the weak ... that don't want uncontrolled pursuit of growth as destiny."  

A whole host of other world leaders and Hollywood stars took to Twitter on Sunday to offer their congratulations to Macron and their relief at his victory, though noted conservative Roseanne Barr seemed to be less pleased.