Late-Night Hosts Skewer Trump for "Facelift" Tweet

"Someone bleeding badly at your door and you say no? Sounds like your health care bill,” quipped Stephen Colbert.

The hosts of late-night TV wasted no time in addressing President Trump's tweets targeting MSNBC's Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski, in which Trump called her "low IQ Crazy Mika" and referenced a meeting with her in which she was "bleeding badly from a face-lift."

Stephen Colbert was actually surprised by Trump's tweet — something he didn't think was possible. "I want to say something right now that I didn’t think was possible anymore: I am shocked by something Donald Trump said,” the Late Show host told the crowd. “I thought by now that my soul had calcified into a crouton.”

After reading Trump's tweets in a mocking impersonation of the president, Colbert asked, “Where to begin? It’s a buffet of shit." He then addressed the "bleeding" comment: "First of all, someone bleeding badly at your door and you say no? Sounds like your health care bill.”

He said Trump's words and actions were "shocking" and "vicious." Colbert responded to Lindsey Graham, who said this is "what's wrong with American politics." He said no, "This is what's wrong with the American president. Let's stop pretending that Trump is a symptom of something, he's the disease. The only cure is 3.5 years of liquor and bed rest."

The Late Show host also called out Melania Trump for saying that when the president gets hit, he's going to hit back 10 times harder, summing it up as a different take on Michelle Obama's "When they go low, we go high." For Melania Trump, said Colbert, it's, "When they go low, we go 10 times lower."

Over on Late Night, host Seth Meyers introduced a new segment entitled, "I Can't," inspired by the facelift tweets.

Meyers read the president's tweet, and shook his head in shocked silence. "I mean, uh...I can't," he said, ending the segment.

Meyers spoke a little more about the tweets during his "Closer Look" at the Republicans' health care bill and how little Trump knows about health care in general.

The Late Night host said this health care bill is "cruel and vicious", which shouldn't be surprising since it's coming from a president who is "cruel and vicious." He again read Trump's tweets against Brzezinski, referring to the president as "an old-school misogynist." After reading that Trump "said no" when the Morning Joe couple asked to stay at Mar-a-Lago, Meyers responded, "Said no to what? Your f—ing meds?"

He continued, "Trump's Twitter rants have gone from confusing to, 'Mommy why is the guy on the subway yelling so loud and where are his underpants?' Yet Republican leadership continues to put up with it because if they do, they can trade your health care for tax cuts.

"To the likes of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump's presidency is a filet mignon steak with a little piece of shit on it," Meyers continued, "And they're willing to ignore that shit to get the steak. But it's become clear that it's actually a giant piece of shit with a little bit of steak on it. And their attitude seems to be, 'Well, we're already at the restaurant.'"

Jimmy Fallon called the tweet "crazy" in his monologue. The Tonight Show host said Trump accused Brzezinski of getting a face-lift and then went back to "combing his hair with a Dyson airblade."

He said it was "odd" that Trump accused her of getting plastic surgery because "that's the only thing covered by his health care plan."