Trump, O'Donnell battle enters 2nd week


NEW YORK -- The bitter battle of words between Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell isn't over.

"Rosie's a loser. She's been a loser always," the real estate mogul and host of NBC's "The Apprentice," said Thursday in a phone interview with The Associated Press.

"Her show failed, her magazine failed. Barbara Walters gave her new life, but she'll fail at that also because she's inherently a stone-cold loser."

It all started after Trump announced last week that Miss USA Tara Conner, whose title had been in jeopardy because of underage drinking, would keep her crown. (Trump is the owner of the Miss Universe Organization, which includes Miss USA and Miss Teen USA.)

O'Donnell, an outspoken co-host on ABC's "The View," created by Walters, said Trump's news conference annoyed her "on a multitude of levels" and that the twice-divorced Trump had no right to be "the moral compass for 20-year-olds in America," amid roars of audience laughter.

Trump fired back, calling O'Donnell a "bully," among other insults, in interviews with various media outlets, including CNN's "Larry King Live."

The feud continued this week when O'Donnell posted this entry on her Web site: "so what happens/ when u say the emperor has no clothes/ the comb over goes ballistic/ via phone to mr king."

Will the mudslinging ever stop?

"It will never end on my behalf because I've exposed Rosie for what she is: a very dumb human being," Trump told the AP. "She's got no intelligence, but I've known that for a long time. Unfortunately, Rosie's pulled the wool over the public."

A representative for O'Donnell said she was unavailable for comment.