Trump Questions NFL's Revised Stance on Players' Peaceful Protests

Despite all that has occurred in the past two weeks, it appears the president has not budged on his position.

President Donald Trump responded on Sunday night to the recent apology from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about the league's reaction to players' peaceful protests against racism and police brutality. 

Amid worldwide protests in the wake of George Floyd's death, Goodell said Friday that the league was wrong for not listening to players earlier. It is assumed this means players will be allowed to kneel during the national anthem, a form of protest first adopted by a number of players during the 2016 season to draw attention to racial inequality in America, and specifically police brutality against African Americans. Previously, the league put a rule in place that players would be disciplined for taking a knee.

For the past four years, Trump used these instances of peaceful protest to fire up his base, claiming that kneeling was disrespectful to the flag and veterans, un-American, and calling the first player to take a knee, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, a "son of a bitch." 

Despite all that has occurred in the past two weeks, it appears Trump has not budged on his position. "Could it be even remotely possible that in Roger Goodell's rather interesting statement of peace and reconciliation, he was intimating that it would now be O.K. for the players to KNEEL, or not to stand, for the National Anthem, thereby disrespecting our Country & our Flag?" he said via Twitter. 

The president also recently criticized NFL quarterback Drew Brees, who recanted a statement he made last week when he said he was against any player kneeling in protest of the flag. After he was blasted by numerous pro athletes from a number of leagues, the Saints star said he realized the protests had nothing to do with disrespecting the flag. What's more, he said he would support those who protested racial inequality. 

Trump said Brees was wrong to backtrack. Brees responded that Trump was wrong for not thinking forward.