Crowd Cheers as Trump Suggests 'Time' Honor Should Be "Man of the Year"

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"All of the women want it to be the Man of the Year."

Donald Trump isn't entirely pleased with his Time Person of the Year cover, specifically taking issue with the magazine's "divided" nation cover line.

"[Time] was both nice and a little bit wise-guy," he told the audience assembled at his rally in Baton Rouge, La., on Friday.

Each year, the magazine's top honor goes to someone who has influenced the events of the year — for better or for worse — and when the president-elect's cover was released on Wednesday, it ran with the headline: "Donald Trump: President of the Divided States of America."

"I said, 'Wait. I haven't run [America] yet. So you're trying to be a little bit nasty. I haven't run anything,' " said Trump. Calling the line a "jab," he then said, "So it is a divided nation. We're going to bring our nation together."

Since being named Person of the Year, the president-elect has continued his "thank you" tour around the country, and at several stops he has referenced how the honor used to be called "Man of the Year." Indeed, the magazine went gender-neutral in 1999, even though a few women already had received the honor prior to that. Last year, Angela Merkel became only the fourth woman to hold the title alone.

In Baton Rouge, Trump polled the rally about which title was better, and the crowd's answer was loud and clear.

"It used to be called the Man of the Year, and now it's called the Person of the Year, and that's good, they're politically correct," he told the crowd, who shared some audible boos.

He then asked, "Who would rather have it be Man of the Year?" and many people began to cheer and wave their arms in the air.

Even Trump noted the amount of women who cheered at his suggestion.

"For years, it was Man of the Year, and I think, even if a woman was named, it was Man of the Year, which is a little bit shaky," explained Trump.

He then put it to a vote, asking again who would prefer Person of the Year.

Not one cheer of approval could be heard from the crowd, only several boos.

"I got a lot of women here, what about the women?" asked Trump, before saying, "Let's do it again."

He asked a second time, and a few cheers were heard this time, which Trump acknowledged by saying, "OK, a couple of people."

When Trump asked who preferred Man of the Year, however, the crowd erupted.

"That could be why the magazine business isn't so great, right?" he said, appearing somewhat shocked by the overwhelming winner. "Think about it, all of the women want it to be the Man of the Year."

In the video of Trump's rally below, the moment arrives at the 2:30 mark.

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Posted by Donald J. Trump on Friday, December 9, 2016