Trump Responds to Oscars' Record-Low Ratings

The president tweeted, "We don't have Stars anymore — except your president (just kidding, of course)!"

President Donald Trump says the problem with the Oscars is "we don't have Stars anymore" — except for him.

Viewership of Sunday's Academy Awards broadcast plunged to a record low of 26.5 million people. According to the Nielsen company, that's a 20 percent drop from the 33 million people who watched last year's show.

Trump tweeted Tuesday: "Lowest rated Oscars in HISTORY. Problem is, we don't have Stars anymore - except your President (just kidding, of course)!"

Sunday's broadcast included a few barbs that host Jimmy Kimmel directed toward the White House. Kimmel later chimed in on Twitter, firing back at Trump.

9:37 a.m. This story has been updated with Kimmel's response.