Trump Talking Heads Hit Cable TV to Discredit Sexual Assault Accusers

Donald Trump 5 - Second Presidential Debate - H - 2016
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

"Politically, in all honesty, this is going to be a wash," said Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord on CNN's 'AC360.'

Donald Trump's surrogates hit the cable news shows in increasingly dramatic and desperate attempts to defend their candidate against the avalanche of allegations regarding sexual assault and inappropriate behavior and comments that came out on Wednesday. 

On CNN's AC360, Jeffrey Lord, former Reagan White House political director, said he believed that the allegations would not amount to much. "Politically, in all honesty, this is going to be a wash," said Lord, adding that the whole issue was one of "she said, he said." Challenged on that point by host Anderson Cooper, Lord claimed that "The New York Times is flat-out campaigning against Donald Trump." 

Seeking to bring up the issue of double standards in the media, Lord said that The New York Times never sat down and investigated Juanita Broaddrick's allegations against Bill Clinton and the paper was also guilty of switching focus from Hillary Clinton's email story. 

CNN's Tonight With Don Lemon saw Trump national campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson carry water for Trump in such outlandish ways that she caused fellow panelist Peter Beinart to break out in fits of laughter. Pierson tried to discredit some of the allegations made by women in The New York Times story by claiming that Trump wasn't on the plane in question as "first class seats have fixed arm rests." 

Later, Pierson claimed that the women making the allegations against Trump were just looking for their "15 minutes of fame."

On MSNBC, Trump campaign advisor A.J. Delgado said that she was "angry to read about" the charges, adding they were "not credible." 

Delgado said that her personal experience of being around Trump, informed her that he was a "man of great character … especially toward women."

Over on Fox News, the channel completely avoided the worsening scandal engulfing the Trump campaign and instead focused on Hillary Clinton's email woes. On The Kelly File, host Megyn Kelly dove deep into the latest tranche of emails released by WikiLeaks that show attempts by the Clinton campaign to prevent any run by Vice President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination.