Trump Talks Twitter Habits, Michael Wolff's "Fake Book" in Piers Morgan Interview

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During the president's first international TV interview, the old 'Celebrity Apprentice' friends talked burgers, Michael Wolff's "fake book" and why climate change isn't really happening at all (the ice caps are at a "record level," apparently).

President Donald Trump sat down with Piers Morgan for his first international TV interview, conducted in Davos, Switzerland, and broadcast Sunday night on the U.K. network ITV. 

In a 40-minute conversation, the president, whom Morgan described as a "good friend" in his introduction, was quizzed on a wide range of topics, from his health to social media usage to climate change. 

Various elements of the interview had already been leaked, including one bit discussing Trump's controversial and condemned retweeting of anti-Islamic tweets from far-right group Britain First in December. "You were effectively endorsing this bunch of racists,” Morgan told his former judge on The Celebrity Apprentice.

While Trump didn't go so far as to apologize, he said: "If you are telling me they're horrible people, horrible, racist people, I would certainly apologize if you'd like me to do that."

On the subject of social media, Trump confirmed what many had long assumed: that he tweeted from bed. 

Michael Wolff's bombshell bestseller Fire & Fury: Inside the Trump White House was also brought up, with Trump branding Wolff's claims that he actually didn't want to win the election as "fake news" from "that fake book."

Other elements of the book were raised, including Trump's health, with Morgan pointing out that the president was seen eating a lot of burgers. "I eat fine food, some of the finest chefs in the world,” he responded. “I think I actually eat quite well."

Despite the fact that President Trump's planned visit to London is expected to result in record-breaking street protests, he claimed he was "very popular" in U.K. and that he got plenty of fan mail. 

But perhaps Trump's most peculiar and scientifically troubling response came with regard to climate change, which he appeared to argue wasn't happening.

“There is a cooling, and there’s a heating. I mean, look, it used to not be climate change, it used to be global warming. That wasn’t working too well because it was getting too cold all over the place,” he said. "The ice caps were going to melt, they were going to be gone by now, but now they’re setting records. They’re at a record level. There are so many things happening. I tell you what I believe in. Clean air. I believe in crystal-clear beautiful water. I believe in just having cleanliness and all."