Dan Rather Pens Post on "Toxic" Trump, Concerns Over "the Future of My Country"

Mike Pont/WireImage; Ralph Freso/Getty Images
Dan Rather, Donald Trump

The former CBS News anchor took to Facebook to share his concerns about Trump and the GOP.

"What does it take to knock Donald Trump?"

Former CBS newsman Dan Rather posed the question in a Facebook post published Friday night, where he summarized his thoughts on Trump’s ongoing scandal over lewd recordings from 2005.

The newly surfaced tape captures Trump's conversation about women with Billy Bush, the former co-host of Access Hollywood. During their conversation, Trump casually describes how he tries to seduce the women he finds attractive.

In the post, Rather condemned the business mogul and those in power who have helped him along the way. "You would think that the latest obscene, vile, repulsive audio leak would be an electoral haymaker that has him on the canvas for good. In any other election, with any other candidate, this might well have been the equivalent of a spontaneous combustion."

Rather also recalled Trump’s record of hateful rhetoric against minorities. "Calling Mexicans rapists, and murderers?" he said in the post. "Trump went there and it set him on the path to the GOP nomination."

"Listen to his statements from the past," wrote Rather. "Did you really think this kind of language was beyond him?"

Rather ended the post with questions that still remain to be answered having to do with the fate of the GOP and its current candidate.

"How toxic does Trump become?" he asked. "Can he bounce back yet again, even if the polls seem to be moving against him? Will this doom the GOP in 2016, or even beyond? Will it realign our political system?"

"So many questions, but we will get answers. And we will be the ones who will give them when we go to the polls. There are few times in my career when I have been more at a loss for what I could expect for the future of my country."