Orbs, Swords and Melania's Rejection: Late Night Hosts Mock Trump's Trip Abroad

"Trump moved on that orb like a bitch," joked Jimmy Kimmel.

Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert are thoroughly entertained by Trump's first international trip. The late-night hosts mocked the president's memorable moments in Saudi Arabia and Israel on their respective shows Monday night.

On his eponymous ABC show, Kimmel played up the now- viral moment of Trump touching a glowing white orb alongside the king of Saudi Arabia and Egypt's president at the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology.

"This is, without question, the strangest thing I've ever seen a president do," said Kimmel.

"And Trump moved on that orb like a bitch," he said, paraphrasing Trump's Access Hollywood tape.

Kimmel teased that Trump seemed different after he touched it, playing a clip of Trump's voice changed to sound like he was possessed. Kimmel also commented on the sinkhole that has recently appeared outside of Mar-a-Lago, jokingly implying it was connected to the orb.

"This is Satan's way of saying the door is always open," he said.

On NBC's Late Night, Seth Meyers said he feels relieved that Trump is not in the country, explaining, "It’s like when you were in school and your bully was out with the flu."

Meyers also addressed the caught-on-camera moment when Melania Trump seems to swat her husband's hand away as he reaches back to hold it. Meyers mused that maybe the two are just not used to spending that much time together.

"She fully LeBron-ed him. I wish there was better audio so we could hear her say 'Get that weak shit outta here,'" he said.

Meyers also teased Trump for saying he just got back from the Middle East, while he was still in Israel.

"No wonder he thought Middle East peace was so easy. He wasn’t accounting for Israel. What does he think the Middle East is?” Meyers broke into his Trump impression. “I had a great weekend. We achieved peace between the Saudis and the Arabians.”

On CBS' Late Show, Stephen Colbert teased Trump for his traditional celebratory sword dance, putting it to the tune of "It's Raining Men."

"Here's Steve Bannon realizing these aren't the kind of men in white robes he's used to," Colbert said, getting a loud response from the audience.

Colbert also didn't miss the opportunity to knock Trump for placing his hands on the glowing globe.

"Fellas, if I may, you need to work on your not-looking-like-supervillain skills," said Colbert. "It looks like they are activating the undersea robot to emerge from it's volcano base and kill Aquaman."

Colbert touched on Trump's trip to Israel and how there was a misspelling, saying his administration is looking to promote lasting "peach." "Americans really want something with peach in it," he said. "Peace ice cream, peach cobbler, impeach."