Donald Trump Walk of Fame Protester Threatens Lawsuit During Raucous Presser

Press conference. Inset: James Otis

During a press conference, James Otis, who destroyed the GOP nominee's Hollywood star, battled pro-Trump hecklers as he threatened to sue and promised more Trump accusers would come forward.

Anti-Donald Trump protester James Lambert Otis was heckled relentlessly at a press conference he held Friday at the site of the GOP nominee's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Standing over the battered monument that he was arrested for taking a pickax to on Oct. 26, Otis tried to explain his motivations and future plans targeting Trump.

“I think this guy’s gay, that’s his problem!” yelled one heckler dressed as Spider-Man. Otis tried to ignore the interruptions as he announced plans to sue Trump, the Trump Organization and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for removal of Trump’s star. He also hinted at numerous Trump accusers that, he says, will come forward after the election.

“I’ve been here many times watching the anger and division between Trump supporters and Hillary [Clinton] supporters,” he said, as that very same anger boiled among the tourists, media and curious onlookers gathered around him. “It’s intense, especially at this star. People write horrible things on it, animals go to bathroom on it, people swear at it, they create fights and anger. They can’t have simple conversation about a difference of opinions.”

The details of the suit are still fuzzy, but Otis says papers will be filed at a Los Angeles court on Monday. Later this month, the 52-year-old West Hollywood man will appear in court on Nov. 18 to face fines and up to three years in prison for destroying Trump’s star. Said Otis, “I’m suing Donald Trump for sexual assault, and then I’m going to go after Donald Trump’s assets, his golf courses, his hotels, and his model agencies, through PR companies, through sexual-assault organizations that will help do this all nonviolently. Real men, real gentlemen who respect women don’t act like this!”

A woman behind him interjected, "Real gentlemen don’t destroy stuff like this."

A man in a Trump hat then demanded, “What about Benghazi? What about the emails?”

“Yeah, you’re full of shit,” echoed Spider-Man.

“What about her husband and Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office, c’mon! Our country’s upside down!” shouted the man in the Trump hat. “We need to drain the swamp! The swamp has to be drained! We have to get them all out, Republicans and Democrats!”

By then, Otis began to look bewildered, relinquishing the microphone in the name of free speech as things quickly devolved into chaos. Reassuringly, another man stepped to his side and told him, “In the name of this country, I admire you.” Others stepped up and took selfies.

As Spider-Man bellowed, “Trump, Trump Trump!” another man jumped out of the crowd and threw his fist in the air, shouting, “Viva Hillary Clinton!”

“Yeah, welfare loves Hillary,” joked Spider-Man.

“Do we want to elect a president that might grab our daughters, our wives, their genitals?” Otis implored the crowd.

“Grab that ass!” shouted Spider-Man.

“This is for black America,” said a man who bulled his way to the microphones. “Don’t fall for the promises of the Republicans or the Democrats. Let’s band together as the black race and form our own f—ing race. Let’s stand up for ourselves. We’re always getting duped by the Republicans and Democrats. Black power! How about that?”

The great-grandson of Elisha Otis, founder of the Otis Elevator Company, the 52-year-old activist made headlines in 2009 for placing memorabilia belonging to his idol, Gandhi, up for auction, causing an outcry among media and political voices across India. The buyer was Vijay Mallya, one of the country’s wealthiest men, who Otis says reneged on a handshake agreement.

Otis likened Mallya to Trump: “We made a deal together. $20 million. He lied and didn’t give me the money. It’s exactly like the women Trump assaulted.”

“Allegedly! Allegedly! How about all the women he hasn’t assaulted?” yelled another heckler.

“Every one of us either knows someone or has someone in our family that has been a victim of sexual assault. That’s why I broke the star. I’m interested in getting it off the Hollywood Walk of Fame so we don’t have such anger,” continued Otis, then he seemed to realize it was time to call an end to an affair that did not go quite as expected. “We could have a calm press conference. But that doesn’t happen.”