TruTV Renews 'Hardcore Pawn,' 'Black Gold'

The Turner-owned network also picks up the ABC competition series "Wipeout."

NEW YORK – Turner-owned truTV announced on Tuesday a slate of original programming for the 2011-12 season that includes reality projects with NFL Films, Tony and Ridley Scott and Jennifer Lopez’s Nuyorican Productions.

The network also announced a deal for the off-net cable rights to the ABC competition series Wipeout, which will join the truTV lineup this fall.

Bolstering the net’s original programming push, 20 series will return this year including fourth seasons of Black Gold and Hardcore Pawn, the most-watched show on the network, and a third season of Full Throttle Saloon. TruTV has also ordered additional episodes of freshman series Lizard Lick Towing.

Semi-Pro, the project with NFL Films, does not follow NFL players, rather chronicling the lives a group of amateur football players -- “semi-tough, semi-good players,” according to the release.

Motoclash, from the Scotts’ RD Independent Productions, chronicles the longest and most dangerous motorcycle race. And South Beach Tow is the second towing series for Tru and follows Tremont Towing in Miami. It’s from Nuyorican and Bodega Pictures.

Other series in production include: Guinness World Records, which follows Guinness record holders and brothers Craig “The Professor” Pumphrey and Paul “The Human Bulldozer” as they coach others on how to get into the book; Chill, which follows ice Brooklyn sculptor Joe O’Donoghue, a.k.a. “Joey Ice”; and Bear Swamp Recovery, another repo series, this one follows a Sicilian family whose company specializes in repossessing what other’s can’t, including semis, boats, heavy machinery and construction equipment.