Tsi change: Fest veteran moves to Soft-Trek


HONG KONG -- Peter Tsi, who quit last month as executive director of the Hong Kong International Film Festival, has joined Soft-Trek Media as GM of content development and production.

Soft-Trek is an operation under Fireworks International, a Hong Kong-based media company initially funded by Dutch bank ABN AMRO, with a controlling stake in Hong Kong's Asia Television Ltd., and Korea's Taewon Entertainment.

Tsi's new duties cover the development and production of mostly drama series and variety programs for Asian territories, including China and Southeast Asia.

"There is no reason why film producers and directors around this region can't do what Jerry Bruckheimer, Brian Grazer, Brett Ratner, Brian Singer, etc., have been doing in the U.S," Tsi said.

Soft-Trek will actively search for raw materials from the Internet and literature, and Tsi said the company hopes to build with ATV a production platform of an annual 300-plus hours of quality content with a focus on developing projects which can be broadcast on a range of media.

The exponential expansion of China's TV market has created a huge demand for truly creative content. In other parts of Asia there are also more and more valuable talents who could contribute to an exciting array of cross media programs," Tsi said.

Soft-Trek backer ABN is expected to announce any day that its shareholders have agreed for the 183-year-old institution to be acquired by a consortium led by the Royal Bank of Scotland, which plans to split one of Europe's largest banks into three pieces, according to the Wall Street Journal.