Tsui working on Tang Dynasty detective pic


BUSAN, South Korea -- Hong Kong director Tsui Hark plans to start shooting a $20 million Tang Dynasty Chinese detective film next March, Beijing-based producer-distributors Huayi Bros. Pictures said at the Asian Film Market here Monday.

Focused on Di Renjie, a powerful adviser to the seventh century Chinese empress Wu Zetian, the script by Taiwanese filmmaker Chen Kuofu, has the working title "D-Project" and is being translated and distributed to an international cast.

"In real life, Di couldn't fight, but in our movie he will," said Felice Bee, Huayi director of international sales. Huayi will co-produce with Tsui's Film Workshop and handle world sales itself, Bee said.

Bee said Huayi was open to following the successful pan-Asian finance model on its earlier "Battle of Wits" by director Jacob Cheung.

"D-Project" is listed in the Co-productions Pro section of the Asian Film Market, which runs through Thursday alongside the 12th Pusan International Film Festival. Huayi's "Assembly," by Chinese director Feng Xiaogang, opened the festival.