Tsunami film to sweep China next week

China Film Group to share revenue on Korean disaster pic

'Haeundae' continues boxoffice reign

SEOUL -- "Haeundae," a tsunami blockbuster directed by Yoon Je-kyoon, is set for wide release in China on Tuesday, CJ Entertainment said Wednesday.

The film about big waves sweeping the local beachfront was previously agreed with the China Film Group to be imported on a revenue-sharing basis. The decision of the state importer to share boxoffice revenue with a non-Hollywood film came as a surprise move, though some local films, including the Korean monster flick "D-War," have been distributed as revenue-sharing releases in China.

After press screenings in Beijing last week and Shanghai on Tuesday, CJ has organized a promotional tour of the film's director and main cast members, including Sol Kyung-gu and Ha Ji-won Saturday and Sunday in Shanghai. The total number of screens and the release regions will be finalized after the local premiere, CJ said in a statement.

Locally, "Haeundae" attracted 9.07 million viewings so far, according to the Korean Film Council, already beating the boxoffice returns of "D-War," the fifth-most-watched Korean film of all time, with 8.4 million admissions in 2007.

"It's a rare disaster genre film that combines elements of a Hollywood blockbuster and regional sentiment," film critic Yu Gina said. "It's also got some good local humor and drama that appeals to local audiences who are seeking for a summer family movie."