Fox News' Tucker Carlson Caught Fly Fishing in Central Park (Video)

Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

The conservative pundit and media entrepreneur was seen legally casting his line by a blogger with a camera in New York's biggest park.

You never know what you might find on a sunny afternoon in New York. You've got your street artists, political rallies, subway performers, and hey, even conservative political pundits trying to score some bass while standing in the lake in the middle of Central Park.

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A citizen journalist/self-styled "media terrorist" found himself with quite the catch over the weekend, as he discovered Daily Caller founder and newly-minted Fox News contributor Tucker Carlson fishing in the urban oasis. The cameraman, who sports an impossibly thick New York accent and goes by the name Joey Boots, spied Carlson casting his line and filmed him for several minutes before the 43-year old California native noticed and confronted him.

Although the conversation threatened to become antagonistic at first, it soon became quite friendly, as Tucker -- polished professional speaker that he is -- explained how he tied his own flies and helpfully explained that it is indeed legal to fish in three of Central Park's lakes. Boots didn't recognize Carlson -- later, he said it was because the pundit wasn't wearing his famed bowtie -- and the pair ended up in a discussion about cable news and media pranks.

Carlson, a veteran of MSNBC and CNN's Crossfire, recently joined Fox News, where he now co-hosts Fox & Friends Weekends.

(h/t Gothamist)