Tulsi Gabbard Most Searched for Candidate on Google After Wednesday's Democratic Debate

CNN Democratic Debate Round 2 Part 2_Tulsi Gabbard - Getty - H 2019

The Hawaii representative and army veteran surpassed Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Joe Biden in number of Google searches during the second Detroit debate.

Tulsi Gabbard dominated Google search results as the most searched candidate, following the second night of the July Democratic debates in Detroit, Michigan. 

The Hawaii representative and veteran topped other candidates Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Joe Biden for most Google searches during the CNN-presented debate. 

Prior to the Wednesday night event, Joe Biden was the most searched democratic candidate in 42 states. After Wednesday's debate, however, Gabbard came out on top, bringing in the most searches from all 50 states. 

About two hours into the debate, Google tweeted that the amount of searches for Cory Booker spiked by 2,950 percent, with those for Michael Bennet jumped 2,800 percent. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden also saw increases but at a smaller scale, with 500 percent and 350 percent, respectively. 

Gabbard had a 1,400 percent increase in search results.

The candidate bringing in the least amount of Google searches Wednesday night was Colorado representative Michael Bennet.

Google also revealed that the most searched for moderator on Wednesday was Don Lemon, raking in more Google search counts than Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. 

On Tuesday night, author and activist Marianne Williamson took the most searched for candidate following her remarks about the "dark psychic force" at work in America.