Tupac Shooting Confession: Twitter Users React to Dexter Isaac Claim

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The singer was shot to death in 1995 at age 25.

"I need proof, sounds like an attention cry to me at this point," tweets one, while several others were confused over which shooting Isaac confessed to.

The news that New York prisoner Dexter Isaac confessed on Wednesday to shooting late rapper Tupac Shakur in 1994 rocked fans, many of whom took to Twitter to express their thoughts.
Kaylee Patrice said she's not sure whether to believe Isaac, who confessed a day before Shakur would have turned 40.
"Dude claiming he killed Tupac...... I need proof, sounds like an attention cry to me at this point," she wrote.

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Joi Bella predicted the Shakur news would be hot Twitter fodder for a while: "Dear Tupac haters, log off now cause he will be trending for the next 36 hrs."

That would be good news to Lauren Fritsky, who wrote: "Tupac is No. 1 trending on Yahoo. It is a good day."
There also were comments from people claiming Shakur isn't really dead.

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Wrote Isabella Cash (spelling errors are from original tweets): "I dnt care wht nobody says... Tupac is not dead he juds faked his death becus he wanted peace."
In addition, there was some confusion over which shooting Isaac has confessed to -- the 1994 incident in New York or the 1996 shooting that left him dead.
"The guy who killed tupac confessed today.... its only been like 15 years?" wrote Talisa Harris, while Kei added: "Wow. Tupac's killer confessed. Wow.." And Steven Londono tweeted: "FINNALLY The guy tht killed #Tupac  Admited he did it....”
Such tweets prompted Young Platinum to complain: "I wish people would get their facts straight b4 commenting! Jimmy Henchman got Tupac popped n robed in '94 not the murdered in '96."