Turin Film Commission launches fund

Emphasis on up-and-coming directors

ROME -- The Turin Film Commission has unveiled a new 1 million euro ($1.56 million) fund for helping up-and-coming directors.

The TurinFilmLab will differ from most film funds in that it will spend between 50,000 euros ($78,000) and 200,000 euros ($312,000) each to help develop directors' first or second features regardless of whether the projects are filmed in Italy.

The budget will be spent in three main areas: training (focusing on an advanced scriptwriting course), development (helping emerging directors develop their projects) and funding (helping secure funding for selected projects).

According to Savina Neirotti, the newly appointed director of the TurinFilmLab, the aim is to foster more high-quality films and to further establish Turin as a world film center.

"We know this isn't a process that will happen in a single year, but we are looking to help develop new talents," Neirotti told The Hollywood Reporter.

The TurinFilmLab will work on cooperation with other Italian and European film funds and will be associated with the Torino Film Festival, where projects selected by the TurinFilmLab's advisory board will be presented to producers, sales agents and distributors.