Turin shroud lifts in time for Moretti


Italian director Nanni Moretti accepted the top job at the Turin Film Festival for the second time in a month Wed-nesday after the board member who prompted him to quit in December left his post.

Moretti stunned observers by stepping down Dec. 29 after holding the job for just two days. Moretti said a power struggle among directors would have made the situation untenable.

But the behind-the-scenes struggle continued following the announcement. Speculation that Moretti might return started after board member Gianni Rondolino — the main critic of the process used to appoint Moretti — resigned last week.

Moretti, 53, is one of Italy's best-known directors, with five Festival de Cannes Palme d'Or nominations a win for "La Stanza del Figlio" (The Son's Room), to his credit. Moretti also has won two Davide di Donatello awards.