the 'recount' tally

HBO's "Recount" had a modest premiere Sunday night. The movie, about the 2000 presidential election, was seen by 1 million HBO subscribers, on par with February's "Bernard and Doris." "Recount" 's viewership was down from the about 1.9 million who watched the debut of "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" at the same time last year, and the March premiere of the miniseries "John Adams," which was seen by 2.5 million. However, ratings for HBO movies tend to quadruple in subsequent airings after their premieres.


Apple finally has given in to the iTunes craze in France and has made TV series available for iTunes downloading. Popular programs from the country's main content suppliers, including TF1, France Televisions, Arte, Mediatoon, Disney and MTV networks, are now available for download starting at €1.49 ($2.32).