Suspended BBC star Jonathan Ross has stepped down as presenter of the British Comedy awards, his annual hosting gig for rival broadcaster ITV. Ross' agent said the presenter has taken the decision to step down from the awards because of the fallout from the obscene calls scandal that has seen fellow presenter Russell Brand quit the BBC and forced the resignation of popular Radio 2 controller Leslie Douglas.

'Wall Street' status

"Wall Street Warriors" producers Scott Gill and Sean Skelton said they are shopping Season 3 of the show to Bravo, A&E and TNT, among others, with their current network, InDemand's Mojo HD, due to be shuttered Dec. 1. The pair have been filming their assortment of financial world insiders since April, when the current financial meltdown began to take shape. "We were there on dramatic days, huge up days and down days," Skelton said. "We filmed the biggest market up day in history as it happened."