TV Cord-Cutting Gathers Pace in Canada

Josh Tulman

A Convergence Consulting report says 95,000 Canadians shed their cable TV subscriptions in 2014, up from a year-earlier 13,000.

The pace of Canadian cord-cutting continues to quicken.

A report from Convergence Consulting Group points to 95,000 Canadians scrapping their cable TV packages in 2014, up sharply from 13,000 subscribers that did the same in 2013. The report on Canadian TV viewing habits predicts TV subscriber losses will only grow as an estimated 97,000 consumers ditch their pay TV packages in 2015.

Where are they going for their TV fix? Netflix Canada, which launched in late 2010, had 3.9 million subscribers at the end of 2014, up from a year-earlier 3 million, according to the report. Increased Canadian cord-cutting comes amid a sea change in the way media companies deliver video content north of the border.

Canadian broadcaster Shaw Media last week shed 83 jobs as it undergoes a reorganization for the digital age. Shaw Media and rival Rogers Media jointly launched upstart streamer Shomi to compete against Netflix Canada and another Canadian SVOD provider, CraveTV.

To slow the pace of cord-cutting and cord-shaving, Canada's TV regulator has ordered cable unbundling by 2016.