TV Guide, Roundbox team for mobile listings


Gemstar-TV Guide International is taking its time-honored TV entertainment grid to the cell phone screen through a partnership with mobile broadcast software company Roundbox, the companies are set to announce Monday. The Roundbox-powered TV Guide Mobile Electronic Service Guide combines Gemstar-TV Guide's interface design and listing data with Roundbox's technology to display mobile video offerings on a user's cell phone.

Describing the new guide as grid-based, time-based and channel-based with a "picture in picture" feature, Gemstar-TV Guide senior vp digital media Rich Cusick said that though there were no deals to announce yet, the company is in talks with all the major mobile carriers.

"TV Guide is bringing 20 years of developing guides for traditional television to the mobile device," Cusick said.

While Cusick said the price of the service will be bundled within the video offerings of individual carriers, he emphasized TV Guide's evolution as a brand.

"What we're now saying with this extension to mobile is that our mission is to not just to be about traditional TV but also about what video is available on mobile phones," Cusick said.