TV Host Byron Allen Slams Obama: "A White President in Blackface"

Gari Lamar Askew

"Black America would have done much better with a white president," the 'Comics Unleashed' star said.

Byron Allen had some choice words for President Barack Obama.

Allen, host of Comics Unleashed and Entertainers With Byron Allen, lashed out at the president to TMZ, saying Obama should be doing more to help black people.

"Black people have fallen further behind under President Obama," said Allen, who also criticized Obama for having referred to the looters and arsonists in last month's Baltimore riots as "thugs."

"President Obama is, at this point, a white president in blackface," Allen said. "Black America would have done much better with a white president."

Allen, founder of television production company Entertainment Studios, implored the president to "stand up" to injustices against black people, adding: "President Obama, you have let us down tremendously."

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