TV Obsession Index: 'Sons of Anarchy' Finale Dominates on Facebook

Sons Of Anarchy S07E12 Group Still - H 2014
Byron Cohen/FX

Sons Of Anarchy S07E12 Group Still - H 2014

The FX series generated a whopping 3.2 million mentions

Sons of Anarchy road off with a bang, with the series finale helping the FX show dominate Facebook last week.

More than 45 percent of conversations about TV were related to Sons of Anarchy, according to data Facebook provided exclusively to The Hollywood Reporter. Perennial favorite The Walking Dead still managed to be the second most talked about show (taking in 6.5 percent of Facebook conversations), even though the AMC hit is on hiatus.

Sons of Anarchy series went out on a series best 9.3 million viewers. On Facebook, it generated 3.2 million mentions — nearly triple the previous week's tally, where it was also the most mentioned show. 

Here's some more data about who are talking about Sons of Anarchy on Facebook. Nearly 70 percent of them are female, and more than 30 percent of the comments are from people 25-34. Roughly 25 percent of the comments came from people 35-44. Just two percent of comments come from people 65 or older, while virtually none of the comments came from people under 18. Facebook doesn't provide a week-by-week breakdown according to gender or age, so those numbers are based on historical trends about Sons.

For the full top ten most talked about shows on Facebook last week, check out the data below, which covers the dates of Dec. 8-14.

THR/Facebook TV Obsession Index

Sons of Anarchy

Fans of the show are tuning in to find out how Jax Teller will cope with the loss of his wife and the fact that his life is one big Freudian nightmare.


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The Walking Dead

The dead continue to rise.


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Doctor Who

Don't mess with a Time Lord's newsfeed.


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Rounding Out the Top 10: Saturday Night Live - 4.7%, American Horror Story - 4.4%, The Voice - 3.4%, Game of Thrones - 2.6%, South Park - 2.2%, Arrow - 1.6%, Agents of SHIELD - 1.6%


American Horror Story


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