TV Obsession Index: 'Walking Dead' Dominates Facebook Buzz Thanks to Women

The Walking Dead S05E01 Rick Grimes Daryl Dixon Still - H 2014
Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

The Walking Dead S05E01 Rick Grimes Daryl Dixon Still - H 2014

In THR's rankings of Facebook's most talked-about shows of the week, even male-skewing series like 'Sons of Anarchy' get a big boost thanks to female fans

AMC's The Walking Dead dominated Facebook over the past week, and it's largely thanks to its female fans.

More than 14 percent of Facebook chatter about TV was Walking Dead-related last week, and a majority of those comments came from females, according to data Facebook provided exclusively to The Hollywood Reporter.

Facebook doesn't break down the data by gender on a week-by-week basis, but it says that that historically, about 60 percent of comments about The Walking Dead come from women. It didn't hurt that the TV's top-rated show had a midseason finale featuring the death of a main character

Other buzzy shows in this week's top 10 also benefit from female fans, with talk about FX's Sons of Anarchy  (the No. 3 most talked-about show) historically seeing female comments outnumbering male comments more than two-to-one.

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In all, women overshadow men in comments about nine of this week's top 10 buzzed-about shows. The only show in this week's top 10 in which men tend to edge out women is Game of Thrones (No. 6), with just barely more than half of comments coming from men. As for the most female-skewing show in the top 10? That would be FX's American Horror Story (No. 5), which saw nearly two-thirds of its comments come from women. 

It's an interesting finding that women are fueling these conversations, even for shows that seem like they are male-friendly. Elsewhere online it's been shown that men tend to dominate conversations, with males being far more likely to edit Wikipedia pages or comment on stories online.

Check out the rest of the findings below. The data covers the dates of Nov. 24-30.

THR/Facebook TV Obsession Index

The Walking Dead

The dead continue to rise.


of mentions

Saturday Night Live

Love it or hate it, audiences flock to Facebook to share their favorite clips and loudest complaints.


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Sons of Anarchy

Fans of the show are tuning in to find out how Jax Teller will cope with the loss of his wife and the fact that his life is one big Freudian nightmare.


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Rounding Out the Top 10: Doctor Who - 6.6%, American Horror Story - 4.6%, Game of Thrones - 4.2%, The Voice - 3.5%, Criminal Minds - 2.7%, The Big Bang Theory - 2.3%, Family Guy - 2.2%


American Horror Story


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