TV One Rebrands Around Storytelling

TV One Logo - H 2012

TV One Logo - H 2012

The basic cable service is refreshing its on-air look and logo beginning in August to match its mission to tell stories about how African-American life unfolds and to distinguish it from a growing number of competitors.

TV One, a basic cable network that targets African-Americans, will launch a fresh branding initiative this summer that will include a new logo and the tagline “Where Black Life Unfolds.”

Kenetta Bailey, executive vp and chief marketing officer of TV One, said the network is making the first major changes in the on-air look and brand presentation since launching eight years ago so that the image better reflects the channel’s mission and its programming.

“The marketplace has changed very dramatically,” Bailey said. “There are a lot of shows that are now reaching out to our audience. We have seen increasing competition from networks that specifically target African-Americans. There’s no time better than now to really state our claim and to give the brand a true identity.”

The rebranding is the result of consumer research done over the past year to evaluate the brand awareness and the expectations of the audience.

“TV One enjoys high brand awareness among our target audience, and we want to make sure our viewers understand exactly what the network is all about: great storytelling through a variety of genres that reflect and celebrate the rich diversity of black life in America,” Bailey said. “TV One will show how black life unfolds in our nonfiction entertainment series, our celebrity bio-docs, our original sitcoms, in our investigation/mystery series and in the movies we choose to acquire.”

Bailey added that “Life After, Unsung (two of TV One’s top-rated shows) and our new show R&B Divas are all about storytelling. Storytelling is the core of black life and black experience. It’s at heart what our new tagline is -- ‘Where black life unfolds.’”

TV One earlier this year said it would double the amount of original programming it carried. The rebranding will kick in at the same time as the new lineup goes on the air, beginning Aug. 20 with the premiere of R&B Divas, about the lives of five rhythm and blues stars.

“The visuals of the network’s rebrand will display layers of meaningful phrases to our audience, representing the range of people and personalities that comprise Black America," Bailey said. "We’ve evolved our logo to be more flexible, modern and truly use the iconography of the number 1, which will help brand TV One in consumers’ minds.”  

The new logo contains a palette of four different colors -- warm ice, tangerine, sunflower and paprika, which Bailey hopes can illustrate “the look and feel from color’s stand point of TV One.”

The channel’s target audience, according to Bailey, is adults ages 25-54.

“About 60 percent of our viewership is female,” Bailey added.

TV One is owned 51 percent by Radio One and 46.5 percent by Comcast. It currently reaches 57.4 million U.S. households, or about 44 percent of all U.S. TV homes. About 12 million of those homes are served by Comcast Cable.