TV Ratings: 12th GOP Debate Drops to 11.9 Million Viewers on CNN

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Donald Trump also expressed his debate fatigue on Friday, saying, "We've had enough."

Another day, another debate. And it seems viewer fatigue is starting to set in on the party-specific showdowns. Thursday's GOP debate on CNN was down significantly.

Per Nielsen Media, the 12th Republican primary debate averaged 11.9 million viewers  the lowest viewership out of all four debates the cable news network has hosted this election cycle. The most recent GOP debate, which aired on Fox News Channel a week prior, ultimately averaged nearly 17 million viewers.

The debate ensures another win for CNN, which aired a debate between Democratic candidates on Wednesday and led Tuesday's coverage of the Michigan primaries in the key news demo of adults 25-54.

It will be the end of the line for the debates pretty soon. There's one remaining GOP debate on the schedule, and Donald Trump expressed his frustration with that fact during a Friday presser. "We’ve had enough debates, in my opinion," he said, per Politico. "They’ve been like Vince McMahon should have put them on because they were WWE. Too much."

See below for the ever-growing rundown of debate audiences to date.

Aug. 6 — 24 million (FNC)
Sept. 16 — 23 million (CNN)
Oct. 28 — 14 million (CNBC)
Nov. 10 — 13.5 million (FBN)
Dec. 15 — 18.2 million (CNN)
Jan. 14 — 11.1 million (FBN)
Jan. 28 — 12.5 million (FNC)
Feb. 6 — 13.2 million (ABC)
Feb. 13 — 13.5 million (CBS)
Feb. 25 — 14.5 million (CNN/Telemundo)
March 3 — 16.9 million (FNC)

Oct. 13 — 15.8 million (CNN)
Nov. 14 — 8.6 million (CBS)
Dec. 19 — 8.0 million (ABC)
Jan. 17 — 10.2 million (NBC)
Feb. 4 — 4.5 million (MSNBC)
Feb. 11 — 8.0 million (PBS/CNN)
March 6 — 5.5 million (CNN)
March 9 — 5.9 million (CNN/Univision)