TV Ratings: Steven Van Zandt's 'Lilyhammer' Kills in Season 2 Debut

The Norwegian-set mafia dramedy scored a 51.9 percent share in its primetime debut on Norwegian network NRK.

BERLIN – Steven Van Zandt's mobster-out-of-water series Lilyhammer got off in killer style for its season-two premiere on Norwegian public broadcaster NRK. The show, which Netflix carries in the U.S., debuted to a 51.9 percent share of the 12-plus demographic in Norway, with one in five Norwegians tuning in.

While season two still features the same basic storyline -- Van Zandt is Frank "The Fixer," a New York mobster hiding out in the tiny Norwegian town of Lillehammer as part of the witness protection program -- producers Rubicon and Netflix have broadened the scope for the second season.

A new plotline has the British mob trying to muscle in on Frank's burgeoning crime operation, a twist that allows Lilyhammer the opportunity to pack season two with British guest stars, including Paul Kaye (Game of Thrones), Tony Pitts (Sherlock), Alan Ford (Snatch), Amy Beth Hayes (Doctor Who) and Amit Shah (The Infidel).

Germany-based Red Arrow International, which handles international sales for the series, has sold Lilyhammer to more than 150 territories worldwide.

You can check out the official season-two trailer for Lilyhammer below.