TV Showrunner Slams Georgia's Anti-Gay Bill, Calls for Boycott

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The state's Senate has passed a bill that would allow adoption agencies to deny same-sex couples the ability to adopt children.

A top showrunner is calling for a boycott on filming in Georgia if a bill making it legal to deny same-sex couples from adopting children becomes a law.

According to LGBTQ Nation, the state's Senate has passed a bill allowing adoption agencies to decline placing children with gay and lesbian couples if they cite religious beliefs as the reason. The Georgia Department of Human Services would be prohibited from taking "adverse action" against the agencies in these cases, the site reported. The bill is now being sent to Georgia's House of Representatives.

On Sunday night, showrunner Ben Wexler, whose credits include The Grinder and The Comedians, called on other showrunners to stop filming TV shows in the state if the "dumb bill becomes law."

His tweet was retweeted by Dustin Lance Black, the Oscar-winning writer of Milk and an outspoken LGBTQ advocate, as well as comedian Billy Eichner.

In response, Army Wives creator Katherine Fugate tweeted her support.

The state has become popular for filming TV and film productions due its tax incentives.

According to Film L.A.'s most recent annual Feature Film Study, 17 features filmed in Georgia in 2016, meaning the state outpaced the previous frontrunner, California, as the top location for feature film production.

Tyler Perry's massive studio is located in Atlanta, and many Marvel movies, including Black Panther, Ant-Man and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, also were filmed in the state at Pinewood Atlanta Studios.

Earlier this month at a Black Panther screening in Atlanta, MPAA chairman and CEO Charles Rivkin said the movie generated more than $83.9 million for the local economy and contributed more than $26.5 million in wages to 3,100-plus workers across Georgia.

Shows including The Walking Dead, Stranger Things and the rebooted Dynasty also shoot in Georgia.