TV Station CTC Becomes Russia's Highest Valued Media Brand

The owner, CTC Media, plans to develop the brand beyond the television industry.

MOSCOW -- The television station CTC has become Russia’s highest valued media brand. The entertainment channel, which is part of the privately-owned group CTC Media, was the only media brand to make Top 20 compiled by the international rating agency Interbrand.

CTC Media attributed the success of its flagship channel to the right choice of audience and ability to provide relevant content for it.

“We understood that today there is a lack of content that could unite an entire family in front of the TV set in prime time,” general producer Vyacheslav Murugov said in a statement. “We found that content and it hit the mark. We received excellent results thanks to building unique positioning [of that content] and forming a precise programming strategy.”

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He added that today CTC is “the only channel that completely satisfies audiences’ needs for family television” and a top brand for advertisers looking at the women and family segment.

Launched in 1996, CTC is the country’s third largest TV station with the audience share of 11.6%.

Meanwhile, CTC Media, which also operates the Russian television channels Domashny and Perets, as well as TV assets in Kazakhstan and Moldova, has plans to further develop the CTC brand.

“We hope that the brand’s strength will later help CTC to go beyond the television realm and turn into a successful multi-profile brand,” Murugov said.

Recently, CTC Media signed a licensing agreement with a local online printing service to manufacture CTC Media merchandise.