TV still trumps Internet for affluent Europeans

But 47% report decrease in viewing in past two years

BRUSSELS -- Despite the rise of the Internet, watching television is still the favorite media source for Europe's high-income audiences, according to a survey released Tuesday.

The figures, from market research group Synovate, reveal that, on average, 38% of the 40 million most affluent Europeans will be watching television at peak viewing time every evening, at 9 p.m.

Thursday is the most popular television evening, with 43% at home watching the small screen, and Monday is the least popular.

Although watching television is the preferred media source for European elites, the PC and laptop are the most popular devices, though computers are used for document writing and e-mails as well as the Internet.

On average, well-off Europeans spent 160 minutes a day on the Internet, compared with 95 minutes watching TV, 95 minutes listening to the radio or music and 55 minutes reading newspapers or magazines.

Meanwhile, 47% said they have cut their television viewing over the past two years, compared with 12% who said it had increased. By contrast, 80% said they used the Internet more, and only 2% said they used it less.