TV tops media in HK as Nielsen turns 40

Internet use grows, challenging newspapers

HONG KONG -- Two-thirds of Hong Kong's population now has an Internet connection and spends an average of 2.5 hours per day online, while nearly half of the Internet users read newspapers and magazine online, Nielsen Media Index said Tuesday as it celebrated its 40th anniversary in Hong Kong.

The number of Internet users increased 10% to 63%, while online readers have risen 7% from 38% last year.

Still, the primary medium for the Hong Kong people continues to be television, with 97% of 5,800 people age 12-64 polled watching television the day before the poll; 98% of people 12-24 watched television and 90% of the same age group used the Internet on Monday. More people 12-34 used the Internet as secondary source of information, and those 35-64 are more inclined to read newspapers than get information online.

Free newspapers have shaken up the print media business in Hong Kong, with the number of people who read free newspapers exclusively rising 2% in the past three years, while the number of people who read both paid and free newspapers has also jumped 7% in the same period.

This edition of the quarterly Nielsen Media Index marks the 40th anniversary of the multimedia consumption report in Hong Kong, and sees a change in media consumption trends in the territory, noted Fanny Chan, managing director of the Nielsen Co., Hong Kong.

"Against a backdrop of an uncertain economy, the swine flu and increasing unemployment, consumers are inevitably changing their lifestyles in one way or the other. It is not surprising to see consumers turning to in-home entertainments if the scope of the swine flu pandemic expands," Chan said.

The Nielsen Co. is parent company of The Hollywood Reporter.