TVA grabs Maher docu for Canada


TORONTO -- Canadian distributor TVA Films on Tuesday said it has picked up the Canadian rights to Larry Charles and Bill Maher's untitled comic religion documentary for a spring release.

Yves Dion, president of Montreal-based TVA Films, said he attended a sneak preview of the untitled project in Cannes and only recently struck a deal with the film's producers, who are represented by CAA.

The Charles documentary features Maher traveling to world hot spots where talk of God and religion often sparks conflict for a comic take on local events.

The film also marks Charles' first film outing since the critical and boxoffice success of "Borat."

Last week, Lionsgate said it had picked up the Charles project for a stateside release. The documentary, which is being produced by Jonah Smith and Palmer West of Thousand Words, employs some of the same comic interview and guerilla shooting techniques behind "Borat."

Dion gave no indication how wide the Canadian theatrical release for the still-untitled project will be.