Tvigle Media Licenses 300 Hours of Disney Content


MOSCOW -- The Walt Disney Company CIS has licensed 300 hours of content, including Desperate Housewives, University and Ghost Whisperer and 1930s and 1950s cartoons, to Tvigle Media, a leading Russian online video service.

"This is a key deal for us," Yegor Yakovlev, Tvigle's general director, told The Hollywood Reporter. "Because Disney is a major and because this content is good for different audiences."

He wouldn't disclose the value of the deal, but the Russian business newspaper RBK Daily said it was about $100,000.

According to Yakovlev, Tvigle, which is currently operating on the ad-sponsored model but plans to introduce pay-per-view and subscription services as well, is also in negotiations with other majors.

"But some of them have very conservative digital policies and are willing to license their content only to subscription and PPV based services," he said. "This market is still small but it grows by three to four times a year and we have faith in it."