Tweeting from TCA

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

At press time, THR's television critic had sent 300-plus tweets from the TCAs, which started July 26 at the Beverly Hilton. He calls it the Death March With Cocktails …

♦ History Channel dropped a box in our rooms that basically contains enough snacks for 5 weeks. Pretty damned savvy. Oooh, a brownie!

♦ Oh, God this brownie is a sugar bomb, I'll be up all night. Stupid History Channel. I'll be so tired I'll sleep through your session.

♦ Worried that Lifetime+History power boss Nancy Dubuc just crazy sexy enough today to make me watch these shows. Must …  focus … Elsewhere.

♦ Nat Geo show Rocket City Rednecks just room-dropped 6 pack of Miller Lite. In cans.

♦ [NBC-sponsored] trip to Playboy Mansion party tonight purely sociological. Need to find out if its more skeevy than Robert Evans' iconic pad.

♦ I felt bad for Penelope. Miss March 2003. Here, that's like being Bea Arthur.

♦ Wait! Penelope shows us tennis courts. Me: "Looks just like Robert Evans' courts." Her: "Bobby's place? Yeah." #twittergold

♦ I'm counting the 8:30 AM start for AMC's sessions after a night at the Playboy Mansion as payback for critical blowback on The Killing.

♦ [At OWN presentation:] Oprah is here and, completely astonishing, talking.

♦ She's talking about the "Oprah Winfrey library" of material …

♦ No way she beats the filibuster from last summer. No way. But God love her, she's trying.

♦ PBS rolls in Sat./Sun. They always have tricky star power. You think not, but it's strangely random.

♦ Oh and most of the Downton Abbey II cast will be there. Awesome. After session, "dessert reception." Oh, PBS, you so crazy.

♦ As much as I love PBS, I hate the argument that it continues to make: That you can't get its quality anywhere else. Not true.

♦ [At NBC presentation:] Bob Greenblatt has been spinning the numbers in last 5 mins. It's part of the job. Still, the network is upside down, on bottom of the ocean.

♦ "I don't think Playboy Club will feel like Mad Men." Greenblatt got *that* right. Wow.

♦ Greenblatt talking about James Spader's appeal on The Office. To me, it's like he's speaking Latin.

♦ I could be spectacularly wrong about this, but I think The Playboy Club is DOA. They are talking about "empowering" women up there.

♦ I see Don Draper up on the stage and Joan and … wait, this is like getting a Kia when you wanted a Benz.

♦ NBC under Greenblatt is going upscale. Room-dropped Clos du Val cab (2007, no less)  + party at Bazaar/Jose Andres.

♦ Of course, the party was impenetrable, bar lines from hell - got 1 drink in almost 3hrs, new press tour low. Great food, tho.