Twentieth, Reveille birth 'Mom Show'


Twentieth Television and Reveille Llc. said Thursday that they are partnering on a parenting-themed original program called "The Mom Show," targeted to launch in syndication in fall 2008.

The multisegment, hourlong show aims to bring together celebrities and authorities in the field of parenting, touching on family topics and sharing the latest trends in the areas of cooking, fashion, fitness and finances. The goal of each episode, hosted by a panel of celebrity moms, is to offer "viewpoints delivered to mothers from mothers," placing emphasis on raising and communicating with kids of all ages.

Segments also will be targeted to family viewing, with topics devoted to cooking with kids, creating arts and crafts and learning about the latest in family-friendly entertainment. "Mom Show" will feature an interactive Web site complementing the subjects discussed on each episode, offering additional information, resources, links and community boards for mothers to interact with one another.

"With moms making up a significant portion of daytime audiences, this advertiser-friendly show will be a viewing destination for females of all ages desiring relevant and topical news, advice and inspiration," Twentieth Television president and COO Bob Cook said.

Ben Silverman, founder of Reveille and newly named co-chairman of NBC Entertainment and NBC Universal Television Studio (which said Thursday that it is changing its name to Universal Media Studios), also pointed to the importance of mothers.

"Our mothers are the unsung heroes of American society," he said. "They also drive key decision-making in families. I've always wanted to produce a show celebrating the American mom."

Reveille's Howard T. Owens and Mark Koops will executive produce.