'Twilight: Breaking Dawn': Two New TV Spots Highlight Movie's Thrills, Bella and Edward's Romance (Video)

Summit Entertainment

The penultimate movie in Summit's five-film franchise opens Nov. 18.

Two new TV spots for the upcoming Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 hit over the weekend.

One, titled "Experience," features more of the movie's thrills, showing a pregnant Bella (Kristen Stewart), the wolf pack in attack mode and Edward (Robert Pattinson) declaring: "I won't let them hurt my family."

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The other, titled "Love Forever," focuses more on the romance in the movie. It features the wedding between Edward and Bella, forecasting her "last night as a human," as Jacob (Taylor Lautner) says.

"I know I can do this," Bella tells Edward as he leans in to kiss her.

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The penultimate movie in Summit's five-film Twilight franchise, which was directed by Bill Condon and is based on the book by Stephenie Meyer, opens Nov. 18.


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